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The myth of the trench coat is that it was invented to be worn by soldiers in the trenches of the First World War, but in fact, it evolved from waterproof coats created back in the 1820s by Scottish chemist and inventor Charles Macintosh and British inventor Thomas Hancock. In the beginning it was made of rubberized cotton and intended for outerwear.

In 1853, the tailor John Emary developed an improved raincoat, which he produced under the name of his company Aquascutum. Then Thomas Burberry, a draper from Hampshire followed suit in 1856 with the founding of his eponymous company, he weatherproofed the individual strands of cotton and wool fibre rather than the finished textile.

Both Aquascutum and Burberry take credit for having “invented” the WWI trench coat, but the truth is that the two firms helped popularize a type of coat already in existence, adapting it for military use.

Here, at FSM, we manufacture and develop trenchcoats for more than 20 years. Our fashion archive is an invaluable source of inspiration for shapes, proportions, constructions, details, trimmings and materials.

The fashion trends of 2023 are transforming this timeless coat. The beige tones, brown buttons and matching belts are classics, but we have been witnessing a constant recreation on several levels. This season the focus is on oversized and longer-than-usual silhouettes, unconventional proportions, surprising embellishments and unexpected materials.

We remixed this classic’s silhouette and created new and exciting versions of this wardrobe staple.

the oversized

the extra long

the carcoat inspired

the upgraded classic

the duster


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